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Simonas Daukantas bibliophiles’ Club - a centre of regional promotion of book culture

Gintautas Cerneckis



There are some reasons which induced me to investigate the activities of Simonas Daukantas bibliophiles’ club.
1) The ability to develop the needs of book culture in the province;
2) The beginning of the new forms of activity in our club;
3) For 17 years the book has been the basis of the activity of our club.
Bibliophily has become a form of self - education, self - expression by means of books.
Simonas Daukantas bibliophiles’ club is a society where people join together not only to educate themselves, but to help in other people’s education. Each member of the club is the creator of his personal library as well as the helper of spiritual memory, a quiet labourer of soul; reading is a special act for him; the book is the means of bringing up person’s soul.
The society has had 3 periods of its development. The first is the formation of the club (1984-1986). The second is the period of maturity (1986-1994). The third period began in 1994, when the regulations of the club were confirmed. They have the following aims:
to develop bibliophily as a form of cultural activity; to value books, especially the old Lithuanian works and history of Lithuanian culture; to enrich personal libraries according to our interests; to meet the needs of our club members.
The club consists of genuine members, honour members and candidates. During the period 1984-2001 the club has registrated 37 genuine members and 4 honour members. At present the club has 11 genuine members, 4 honour members and 2 candidates.
The club works according to the programme, confirmed at the club meeting. The main form of the activity is holding meetings, which take place on the 10th day every month. At our meetings the reports on bibliophily are red (usually the main report and giging information). Other forms of activity are conferences, qruizzes, literature parties, competitions, visiting places connected with Lithuanian writers and their characters form books, exhibitions, publications in newspapers, preparation of the special page in our town newspaper ‘the Plungė’, the formation of our archives about the activity of the club and Lithuanian bibliophiles; the publication of the newspaper ‘the Žemaičių bibliofilas’ the maintenance of our club library; the enrichment of our personal libraries.
People consider our activities which affect their cultural life. We are united by the respect for books. Simonas Daukantas bibliophiles’ club induces the traditions of the Lithuanian books, makes cultural creators mature, gives opportunities for personal contacts and cooperation among readers, makes our life richer.