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Kornilov, Ivan Petrovich


KORNILOV, Ivan Petrovich (1811-1901), Russian educator and curator of the Vilnius educational district from 1864-68. Kornilov was an ardent admirer of M. N. Muraviev (q.v.) and advised him on the Russification of
Lithuania. Together with V. P. Kulin, I. I. Shulgin and M. N. Novikov as
well as other Slavophile officials, Kornilov worked for the establishment of
a Russian educational system in Lithuania. He was the chief inspiration behind Muraviev's 1864 ban on the printing of Lithuanian books in the Latin alphabet and the subsequent introduction 'of Cyrillic characters into the written language. Kornilov wrote articles supporting the Russification
of Lithuania and attacking those Russian scholars and officials who favored
a repeal of the ban on the Lithuanian press (1864-1904). He was also active
in promoting Russian culture in Lithuania by establishing Russian primary schools and libraries. During his stay in Vilnius he founded a chapter of the
Imperial Geographic Society. Kornilov also published many articles and collections of documents concerning the history of Lithuania and Poland, especially the history of education. In his book Russkoe delo v severozapadnom kraie (The Russian Cause in Northwestern Territory, 1908), he describes contemporary efforts at Russification and his related role.

Text from the ENCYCLOPEDIA LITUANICA I-VI.  Boston, 1970-1978