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Vytautas Merkys



Motiejus Valančius. Tarp katalikiškojo universalizmo ir tautiškumo (1999)
One of the books of Vytautas Merkys – Motiejus Valancius. Tarp katalikiskojo universalizmo ir tautiškumo (1999) Vytautas Merkys. 2003. 
Photo by Danute Mukiene

VYTAUTAS MERKYS. Born in Syvai, county of Panevezys, on May 5, 1929. Historian. He studied history at the University of Vilnius, which granted him a doctorate in 1968. Since 1953 he worked at the Institute of History in Vilnius. For scholarly journals in both the Lithuanian and other languages he has written on ethnic groups in Lithuanian cities (1958), the history of defense installations in Vilnius (1959), craft guilds in Vilnius, the revolutionary movement among peasants and workers in Lithu-
ania during the late 19th and early 20th centuries (1963), etc. He has also been a contributor to and an editor of the Lithuanian edition of the history of Lithuania (1962) and of a publication on sources of Lithuanian history (1965), etc.