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Vincentas Juzumas


 Vincentas JUZUMAS (1819-1901), Roman Catholic priest and author, brother of Tadas Juzumas (q.v.), born in Rubikai, near Seda, county of Mažeikiai. After graduation from the Theological Seminary of Varniai, he was ordained on June 8, 1843. He served as assistant pastor and administrator of Samogitian parishes until 1881, when he was appointed pastor of the Varniai parish. In 1884 Rev. Juzumas was raised to the rank of honorary canon. He died in Varniai on July 1, 1901. His Žemaitiškas elementorius (Samogitian Primer), 1864, had approximately 20 printings and was the most widely used means of teaching and learning to read Lithuanian while the press ban (1864-1904) lasted. A manuscript entitled A Description of the Samogitian Diocese was left unfinished. Beginning in alphabetical order with Alsėdžiai and stopping at Meškučiai, it reports primarily on those parishes, which were not covered in a similar work of Bishop M. Valančius. The manuscript is preserved at the Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature in Vilnius.

Text from the ENCYCLOPEDIA LITUANICA I-VI.  Boston, 1970-1978