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The text from the „Acquaintance with Lithuania. Book of the Millennium. I“. Kaunas: “Krastotvarka”, 1999. C.68-74



Jurgis Bielinis. Artist L. Jusionis


Jurgis Bielinis (March 16, 1846 in Purviskiai - January 18, 1918 in Purviskiai). He developed the distribution network of Lithuanian illegal press, spread mainly in Middle and Eastern Lithuania and Latvia. He provided secret Lithuanian schools with textbooks. Jurgis Bielinis contributed in the newspaper Ausra (The Dawn) and Varpas (The Bell). In 1897-1912 he published 3 isues of the non-periodic newspaper for peasants Baltasis erelis (The White Eagle), which criticized the Russian policy in Lithuania. He was persecuted by the authorities.

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