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Enzys Jagomastas



ENZYS JAGOMASTAS, (1870-1941), printer, editor, and publisher, born in Lumpenai, near Tilze (Tilsit), on March 22, 1870. Having learned the art of printing he spent his entire life in Tilze, actively participating in the Lithuanian movement. From 1898 he owned his own printing press Lithuania. There he printed many Lithuanian
books and newspapers. He himself edited the magazine Ausra (Dawn) from 1896-1900, Savaitrastis (Weekly) from 1912-1913, Naujasis Tilzes Keleivis (The New Traveler of Tilsit) from 1924 (together with his daughter Ona), and Unsere Stimme (Our Voice) from 1929, in which he answered the Germans' reproaches to the Lithuanians. In 1940 the German Nazi government forbade the printing of any Lithuanian newspaper. In the spring of 1941 Jagomastas was forced to emigrate to Lithuania which was occupied by the Soviets. When the Germans occupied Lithuania, Jagomastas with his wife, his daughter Ona, his sons Dovas and Jurgis, and his son-in-law E. Vilmantas were executed without trial by the German secret police (Gestapo) on June 30, 1941 in Vilnius.