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The text from the „Acquaintance with Lithuania. Book of the Millennium. I“. Kaunas: “Krastotvarka”, 1999. C.68-74


Motiejus Valancius (February 28, 1801 in Nasrenai - May 29, 1875 in Kaunas). Initiator of Lithuanian national revival. Rector of Varniai Seminary (1845-1850). Bishop ofSamogitia (1850). He founded parish schools which taught in Lithuanian, and encouraged priests to perform educational work, to write books, and to collect data on folklore. Motiejus Valancius organized a sobriety movement. After the imposition of a ban on Lithuanian writings, he took care of the publication of Lithuanian writings in Prussia and their distribution in Lithuania. He founded an organization of the supporters of press and bookcarriers. Motiejus Valancius wrote about 70 educational narratives and stories, which provide information on the rural life, material and spiritual culture of Samogitia and Upland Lithuania in the middle of XIX c., and some data on the history and geography of Lithuania. Those works arouse the national and civic consciousness. His historical book Zemaiciu vyskupyste (The Diocese of Samogitia, 1848) was the first scientific work published in Lithuanian which describes the development of the Diocese in the XV-XVI c. He was Professor at Vilnius Clerical Academy in 1840-1842, and in 1842-1845 - at St. Petersburg Clerical Academy.