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The text from the „Acquaintance with Lithuania. Book of the Millennium. I“.
Kaunas: “Krastotvarka”, 1999. C.68-74


Petras Vileisis


Petras Vileisis (January 25, 1851 in Mediniai - August 12, 1926 in Palanga). He funded the publication of the prohibited Lithuanian press, and organized its distribution. In 1875-1876 he published illegally the manuscript newspaper Kalvis melagis (Black-smith The Liar) in Lithuanian. In 1877-1878 he published illegally several Lithuanian books in St. Petersburg. In 1904 he founded a printing-house and a book - shop of Lithuanian books in Vilnius. He petitioned the officers of Russian authorities demanding the lift of the ban on the use of Latin alphabet in printing Lithuanian books. In 1904-1907 Petras Vileisis was the publisher and official editor of the first legal Lithuanian daily newspaper Vilniaus zinios (The
News of Vilnius).