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Povilas Visinskis



Povilas Visinskis. Photo from the archives of Benjaminas Kaluskevicius

Povilas Visinskis (1875-1906). Literary journalist and editor, born in Usnenai, county of Siauliai, on June 29, 1875. After graduating from high school in Siauliai in 1894 he began studying natural sciences at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, but, having contracted tuberculosis, he did not complete his studies. He died in
Berlin on June 26, 1906. During his years as a student he wrote down items of Lithuanian folklore, compiled an anthropological account of Samogitia, and contributed to Lithuanian periodicals. From 1899-1906 he was editor of Varpas (The Bell), and for a time served on the editorial staff of Vilniaus Zinios (The Vilnius News). His major contribution consisted in fostering literary talent among Lithuanians. His advice and patronage assisted the rise of the following authors: Julija Zymantiene-Zemaite, Sofija Psibiliauskiene-Lazdynu Peleda, Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite, Jonas Biliunas, and Jonas Kriksciunas-Jovaras. His surviving letters show continual concern for Lithuanian literature and other cultural questions. By his skillful handling of the case against the Russian government he contributed to the abolition (1904) of the ban on printing in Latin characters. The collected works (Rastai) of. Visinskis were published in Vilnius in 1964.

Text from the ENCYCLOPEDIA LITUANICA I-VI.  Boston, 1970-1978