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Branch of the A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis - Zukauskas Memorial Museum


Griezioneliai, LT-4958 Anyksciai district.
Tel.: +370 381 43901
III-VIII – 8.00-17.00.
The Exposition of Narrow-Gauge Railway http://www.baranauskas.lt

 Liudvika ir Stanislovas Didziuliai, The Didziuliai Memorial Museum (village Griezioneliai), fragment of the exhibition, L., S. Didziuliai’ tomb. Photos from the Archives of the Museum

Virtual Exhibition "The Didziuliai Memorial Museum"

     Stanislovas Didziulis >>> 

In 1968 the Memorial Museum was opened in the village of Griezioneliai, where the bibliographer, the folklore collector Stanislovas Didziulis (1856–1927) and his wife, the first Lithuanian woman novelist Liudvika Didziuliene-Zmona (1856–1927) lived.
You can see the photographs of the family and their relatives, the copies of the manuscripts, letters, books, forbidden press (“Ausra”, “Varpas”), which was spread by this family, some household and personal things (dishes, needlework, Didziuliene’s dress).
Another room contains the furniture, a piano, a chest, a bed, a table, a mirror and some paintings.
During the press prohibition there was a press circulation center there. Behind the wardrobe in the passage a hiding place is left.
Stanislovas and Liudvika Didziuliai are buried not far from the farmstead on the hill of Padvarninkai.

Photos from the Archives of the Museum