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LIETUVA (Lithuania), American Lithuanian newspaper, published in Chicago, Illinois, on a weekly basis during 1892-1918. From June 1918 to May 1920 it appeared as a daily. The publisher and initial editor was Antanas Olšauskas (Olszewskis), a banker. At one time the paper had a circulation of 6,000, which was large for an American Lithuanian newspaper of the period. From December 1895 to 1912 the editor was Juozas Adomaitis-Sernas; from 1912-1919 Bronius Balutis was the editor. Kleopas Jurgelionis, Juozas Laukis, Kazys Gineitis, and Pijus Norkus were in the editorship for shorter periods of time. Contributors included Vladislovas Dembskis, Jonas Kriksciunas-Jovaras, Stasys Matulaitis, and Jonas Sliupas. The paper sustained a liberal nationalistic line. Under the editorship of Juozas Adomaitis, the paper moved to a pro-socialistic outlook; this preference disappeared when Bronius Balutis became editor. The newspaper began to decline economically and in content from 1919. Publication ceased in the following year when the banking concem of the publisher went bankrupt, while Balutis departed for Lithuania where he joined Lithuania's Diplomatic Service.

Text from the ENCYCLOPEDIA LITUANICA I-VI.  Boston, 1970-1978